Who are we?

Text-service would like to offer you first-class translation services, training and conferences organization. Our company was founded in 1962 and has worked in the manufacturing industry. Our company was established in 1962. Since 1992 we have been offering services in translation and interpreting, including conferences, and since 1998 we have been organizing specialist and language courses.


What we do?

In the Text-Service we aim to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers and partners, knowing that this is the only way to gain their trust and confidence in the future. Therefore, through the development and use of professional knowledge and practice of people working for the company, we constantly improve the quality of our services and the efficiency of operations. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we develop our scope to adapt to their needs.




The highest level of service and continuous strive to expand the offer and to adapt it to the current needs of our clients has enabled us to gain a dominant position in the translation market in Łódź, and to get many regular customers. Our customers’ opinions are essential to us. We will be pleased to answer all questions and comments that we will receive through our Contact Form.

  • We are available twenty-four hours a day.
  • We translate into/from more than 40 languages, including the sign language.
  • We undertake professional translation of even the most specialist content, especially in the area of technical texts.
  • We accept urgent and Express orders that we do for the next day or even the day of the order.
  • Our translators are specialist in the areas they translate.
  • We do both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as certified translations.
  • We have modern translation-supporting equipment.
  • We guarantee full discretion regarding the content of translated material. A non-disclosure agreement is binding for all our translators; also information processing guarantees full discretion.
  • All translations are archived in the database for a period of at least 6 months. Larger orders such as the installation and operating instructions, technical standards, etc. are stored for two years.
  • All our translations are archived for at least 6 months. Bigger material, such as manuals, norms etc. are kept for 2 years.
  • Modern service, 24-hour a day availability, constant and competent team guarantee the top quality of our services.
  • Over the years we have achieved professional and reliable brand, which may be the envy of the competition.
  • Among our customers are the most prestigious companies in the region of Lodz. The level of our services can provide references issued by them.




Our team of translators consists of approximately 120 professionals from various fields. They are graduates of university language studies, applied linguistics, from Polish and foreign universities. They work as teachers at universities, academies, employees of prestigious companies in Poland and overseas.

All our translators have at least five years of experience. They are members of the Association of Polish Translators, Chief Technical Organization, Society of Court and Economic Translators. We know that the most important thing for our customers is the accuracy of content of the translation, that is why the condition of entrusting the text to interpreter is his working knowledge of the specific language in the field. We also work with experts from various fields in order to consult and verify the translations. Among them are lawyers, economists, bankers, doctors, computer specialists. Our group also includes native speakers.

The quality of our services can be confirmed by our references.

Text-Service is a

Translation agency in Lodz, which provides services to interpretation and translation in over 40 languages. Office also runs language courses in Lodz, in collaboration with the best lectors.
Text-Service organizes conferences and conducts training - even on request.



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